Note from our photographer

We decided to commission a professional photographer so our guests can enjoy a hands-free wedding. It would be great if you could read the note below from our photographer:

Dear Guest,

My name is Maciek (pronounced magic!) and I’m a wedding photographer. I was chosen to document this special day and it’s up to me to deliver a memorable set of photographs.

I promised to be there to secure all the precious moments, before, during and after the ceremony. After the ceremony, we’ll take some pictures together. I’ll be available at the reception as well, so please don’t hesitate to approach me and ask to take pictures for you. All the images will be available in an online gallery soon after the wedding. For more details, please check our wedding gallery.

PS: Please leave your selfie stick at home and your phone in your pocket. Don’t be an iPhone paparazzi, embrace the moment and share the joy with the bride and groom, and their friends and family. As their photographer, I promise to be there for you as well as for them.

Thank you,
Maciek of Wedding Pixels